Why do we dedicate 100% of
our practice to DUI defense?

The Wilcox Law Firm’s practice is exclusively limited to defending drivers accused of DUI.

You’ve probably seen other firms advertise that they handle “DUI’s, Criminal Cases, Bankruptcy Cases, Family Law Cases,” and every other type of case under the sun. 

So why would you want a firm that limits its practice exclusively to handling DUI cases?

Think of it this way: If someone you loved needed to have a heart operation, who would you want to perform the surgery: a general practitioner, or a cardiac surgeon?

The answer is obvious. As your parents probably told you, “A jack of all trades is a master of none.” 

The reason the firm’s practice is limited to DUI defense is because DUI defense is more complicated than most other areas of criminal law. There are several stages involved in every DUI arrest, and the police can often make mistakes during your DUI case. When these mistakes are made, a skilled DUI attorney can challenge your arrest. By raising these technical defenses, you may be able to get your DUI dismissed or reduced to a lesser offense, like reckless driving.

But if a DUI attorney doesn’t recognize an issue, you may end up being convicted of a DUI when you shouldn’t. That’s why the Wilcox Law Firm devotes 100% of its practice to defending drivers accused of driving under the influence, to ensure that all of the issues in your case are argued as aggressively as possible.

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If you’ve been arrested for DUI, no matter how bad the case looks, do NOT plead guilty without talking to a lawyer specializing in DUI defense. It may be possible to get your charges reduced (maybe even dismissed), but you’ll never know unless you talk to a DUI expert.

DUI cases are serious, with penalties harsher penalties than many felony cases. Additionally, the “hidden cost” of DUI insurance can easily easily cost you $30,000, $40,000, even $50,000! (Good news: You can avoid almost all of that if your DUI lawyer gets the DUI dropped or reduced!)

Many of the issues in DUI cases are extremely time sensitive, so you must act quickly.

If you want your best chance of avoiding a DUI, call an experienced Tampa DUI attorney today.

Tampa DUI Attorney Elliott Wilcox has handled thousands of DUI cases. A member of the National College for DUI Defense, a founding member of the DUI Defense Lawyers Association, and a life member of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Elliott's practice is dedicated exclusively to helping drivers accused of Driving Under the Influence (DUI). To talk with Elliott about your available options to continue driving and avoiding a DUI, schedule a phone appointment or call (813) 940-4300 today!

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